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AUNICA is a leader in Digital Marketing Solutions in Brazil. We help companies to succeed in their digital activities.


AUNICA (formerly known as UNICA) is the 'de facto' leader in Digital Marketing Solutions company in Brazil, with a complete track-record of Customers Media Management/Performance, Extreme Data-Analytic's/Data-Strategy, Sales and Leads Programs, Multi-channel Data Integration, Back-Office and Front-Office optimization programs and layers of visualization and socialization of insights, reports and tech deploys.

 Our customers (Fortune500 and top local) Advertisers, E-commerce's, Publishers and Media Groups rely on us as a solid, strong and capable partner to delivery intelligence/strategy, deployment and operation capabilities for the best global technologies. Our proved long-term partnership model (in some cases exclusively) with leading players, like Adobe, PubMatic, Google, Adform, Signals, LiveIntent, Anametrix and others, helped them build market-share, relevance and revenues in a very competitive and demanding market. All Partners we did 'tropicalize' (Tropical+Capitalize and not only making it 'tropically' ready), were either sold or merged, accounting for more than $10B in transactions since 2005, showing a successful track for building local business to innovative foreign companies.

First reason we grew in revenues every year is our People. We always have the best. Second, is the innovation. Some of our firsts includes: Full Screen Interactive Rich Media (2000); Internet + TV with Ibope/Nielsen study (03), Engagement Metrics Report (05); Real-Time Analytic's deploy (07); BT+Retargeting (08); Attribution Channel reporting (09), Mobile Measurement (10), SSP's (13), etc.

We operate physically in the most important cities in Brazil - São Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. We have sales offices in other cities, including Miami, in charge of our Latin American customers. Our team is composed by more than 80 highly skilled professionals in all areas, including Data, Planning, Programming, Developers, Accounting and Financial specialists. Digital management and results today operates in a very similar fashion as stock markets, where balance between expertise, history, creativity and data is the key to sucess, what people call today Science + Arts.

AUNICA is a founding member and occupies the Board at IAB Brasil. We are also member of many other market associations like ABRADI, ALMADI and ABEMD. Please, send us an e-mail to while our new portal in English is not yet ready.

Thank you!